Tru-liner Ice Painter

The Tru-Liner Ice Painter applies liquid ice paints to a prepared ice surface with ease. It is ideal for painting 2” lines and circles, saving time versus painting by hand.

Download the TruLiner Operating Instructions 

The Tru-Liner Painter includes the following:

An aluminum (non-rusting) paint reservoir tray system with a “T” handle. The handle has a convenient shut off mechanism to control the flow of paint to the brush. The paint stored in the reservoir tray is disbursed through an opening in the bottom of the tray which flows onto the two (2”) brush. The unit is supported on steel bars/skates that allows the unit to glide along the ice applying the liquid paint to the ice.

Optional available for purchase with the Tru-Liner: (3 piece) pre-drilled-colour coded radius bars that will accommodate face-off, referee and goal crease radiuses.

  • Quick and precise line painting.
  • Paint Radius and Face off circles in less than 30 minutes.
  • Use less liquid ice paint. Saving on the purchase of ice paint.
  • Professional looking line markings.
  • Tru-Liner Line Painter (assembled by ICECO) comes completely assembled and ready to paint. Complete assembly and instructions included.

Download our Tru-Liner brochure 


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