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Arena Board Cleaning

ICECO offers Dasher Board Cleaning Service for arenas across Ontario. ICECO invented the BOARDCAT dasher board cleaner to provide efficient and effective cleaning delivered in under 3 hours, with no mess!

Exclusive to ICECO: Board Cleaning Service

The next time your facility requires board cleaning, call ICECO and make it easy! Our BOARDCAT dasher board cleaner system is ice compatible and uses environmentally safe detergent. Group and multi-rink discounts are available.

Iceco BoardCat at work

The best board cleaning…

ICECO did a great job for us. The best board cleaning we have ever had. The operator was very thorough and an excellent worker that takes pride in his work. Congratulations on such a great setup.
~ Scott Barber, Facility Manager, De La Salle College Arena


ICECO did a fantastic job

Ever since you guys have cleaned our boards, a lot of people that come in and play ball hockey have complimented how clean and great they look. Iceco did a fantastic job with our boards. Thanks again.
~ Jerry O’Hara, Arena & Operations Manager, CFB Borden



WOW does he get those boards clean.

You’re probably getting tired of hearing this, but, WOW does he get those boards clean.

~ Ken Gaukel, Facilities & Parks Manager, South Dumfries Community Centre




ICECO offers a complete line of arena products. How complete? If it didn’t exist, we invented it. Ice Paints, Spray Equipment, Maintenance Equipment, Ice Logos, Hockey and Curling Accessories, Low E Ceiling, Water Treatment. Explore the possibilities.



ICECO provides state-of-the-art Ice Painting Services for Hockey Arenas and Curling Clubs. We work with major film studios including Disney and Warner Brothers, and premier sports events such as the Winter Olympics and the SuperBowl.


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