Electric Stealth Drive on Sprayer

Features and Specifications:
Our newest system – Environmentally friendly – an electric drive-on paint sprayer that gets 20 to 30 hours per charge!

  • Drive Motor: Direct Drive, 48 volts DC
  • (6) High Capacity 8 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries
  • In Dash Battery Charge Level Gauge to indicate available battery level
  • Separate Automatic Battery Charger, 48 volt; UL and CSA listed
  • Headlights with LED back running lights
  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • Forward and Reverse operation by in-cab switch
  • Aluminum and composite frame/chassis (non rusting)
  • Front and rear tapered mono-leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks
  • Body and vehicle designed to perform in cold climate environment
  • 120 US Gallon Mixing Tank with (6) specially designed internal agitators.
  • Mixing tank outfitted with internal removable stainless steel filter screening system
  • Outfitted with (4) Specialized electric pumps- (3) pumps for agitation-(1) pump for spraying water/paint solution
  • Each pump outfitted with fast disconnect fittings for ease of interchanging pumps, if required
  • All pumps are connected to specialized lifetime washable filters
  • Mixing Tank outfitted with paint/water level gauge on driver side.
  • In Dash Pump Pressure Indicating Gauge for efficient operation
  • In Dash Pump ON/OFF Lighted Pump Control Switches
  • Heavy Duty (10’) ft aluminum spray boom (14’) ft spray swath. Designed to be collapsible to prevent damage from board contact, easy rink door entrance and transportation
  • Spray boom outfitted with flush /clean out ports for cleaning out spray boom
  • Spray boom outfitted with isolation shut valve for maintenance
  • Spray boom outfitted with guide rollers on each end of boom. To prevent damage to arena boards upon contact
  • Outfitted with fast disconnect& discharge hose system to flush out mixing tank without leaving the ice surface. Allows for refilling with clear water for ice overs and building of the ice
  • Suitable and designed for multi-rink complexes, cities/towns and professional arenas
  • Comfortable High Back Driver Seats with generous leg room in driver’s cab.

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Watch our Electric Stealth System in action in this video:


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