Stick Check


Stick Check™ is a Risk Management solution for safely managing hockey sticks in the arena.

Stick Check™– Made in Canada

Features of the Stick Check:

  • Designed to perform in extreme cold and heat
  • Made of lightweight specialized extremely durable plastics
  • Easily expanded (add modules to handle more sticks)
  • Safety coloured for better visibility
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install

Safely manage hockey sticks in your arena! Stick Check was designed to organize hockey sticks in hallways or dressing rooms at arenas. Stick Check provides a safe effective storage solution keeping sticks organized and clear of hallways, and fire routes, eliminating trip hazards.

The Problem: sticks leaned against the wall. When one person takes a stick out of this group, the domino effect causes all of the sticks to fall, creating a clear safety hazard.

The Solution: Stick Check a rack system that allows for easy placement of the stick but prevents them from falling over and ensures a safe environment. The sticks can be aligned at any given angle to accommodate a narrow hallway and still be very cost effective.

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